Baba Ramdev dead? Here’s the truth behind accident photos

Baba Ramdev is not dead but photos of his car which met with an accident on the highway have gone viral, along with his death messages

Baba Ramdev
Baba Ramdev
A WhatsApp message has gone viral which says that Baba Ramdev is dead after a car accident on the Mumbai-Pune highway, and the pictures too are doing the rounds. Photos of Baba Ramdev’s lifeless body on a stretcher being taken away to the hospital too have accompanied the death message, which is obviously a hoax. Apparently, this message is just partially true. The viral images of the damaged car and Baba Ramdev being taken on a stretcher are from 2011 when the yoga guru was involved in a car accident in Bihar. However, at the moment, Baba Ramdev is hale and hearty, but unfortunately has fallen prey to a death hoax! According to DNA, the highway control officers ended the rumours stating, “No such incident has taken place on the Mumbai-Pune highway. The messages are fake.” With that, Baba Ramdev’s death messages and pictures can rest in peace.


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