When Akshay Kumar’s acting was referred to as ‘furniture’

Reminiscing his old days, now a celeb and cinema world’s one of the hottest stars, Akshay Kumar says how he has come a long way in Bollywood

Akshay Kumar at Housefull 3 success meet
Akshay Kumar at Housefull 3 success meet

From putting up a serious act in ‘Airlift’ to creating some funny moments in ‘Housefull 3’, Akshay Kumar’s 25 years in Bollywood are a spectrum of various films. “When I came to the entertainment industry, I was called a furniture because of my acting. But what I have done and have achieved today, I believe anyone can do it,” says a modest Akshay Kumar, who debuted in a full-fledged role with ‘Saugandh’ in 1991. Gaining his ground gradually, Akshay Kumar became a celeb and cinema world star in his own right very soon.

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Script has been the champion for this Bollywood movie actor, who likes to indulge in every genre possible. “If I like a script, I go ahead with it. I don’t believe that I should keep myself in one space. I can do a lot of things, whether it is comedy, black humour, action or drama. I just need to keep reinventing myself and that’s the way an actor can live and increase his shelf life,” adds Khiladi Kumar, crediting all to the content of the movies that chooses to do.

After a slapstick comedy like ‘Housefull 3’ which was full of the celebs and cinema world gang, Akki will don a uniform and a serious role with ‘Rustom’. Expecting a good business at the Bollywood box office yet again, Akshay adds, “We have made a good film and people will hopefully like it. Going by the movie that we have made, I am hopeful that ‘Rustom’ will make Rs 100 crore,” before signing off.


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