Bigg Boss 11 Day 42: Salman Khan walks out of the Akhada

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Today’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode is all about the contestants. Mega Star Salman Khan has taken it upon himself to clarify and resolve the myriad differences between friends and foes of ‘Bigg Boss’ 11. From sorting issues between Sapna and Puneesh, to questioning Priyank in the Katghara, tonight’s episode is one that the contestants will never forget!

Salman starts off by asking the gharwale who is the ‘villain’ of the house this week. By popular choice Puneesh is called up to the Katghara and an argument between him and Sapna is brought up. While Sapna claims that Puneesh passed derogatory comments about her profession, Puneesh insists that he meant otherwise. But Salman soon reveals the true villain of the week is indeed Priyank. Interrogations flare up and Priyank is familiarised with the kind of behaviour he has exhibited in the house. Finally, in the ‘Sultani Akada’ segment -Salman calls in friends-turned-foes Puneesh and Akash to battle the differences between them. Puneesh brings his A-Game but a dejected Akash refuses to participate in any part of the sultani fight. His behaviour irks Salman Khan, who tries to make him understand the nuances of human relationships. The words fly over Akash’s ears and he continues with his indifferent attitude. This adds fuel to the fire that makes host Salman Khan walk out of the Akhada.


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