Bigg Boss 10 Day 104: Celebrities vs Indiwale: Who deserves to win the title of Bigg Boss Season 10

As the contestants slowly inch towards the finale, they wake up all energised dancing to the song ‘Aanhu Aanhu’. Bani and Manu have a small argument after which Bani avoids him and instead strikes a conversation with Manveer. Manu gets upset about this and tells Manveer that Bani always talks to people according to her convenience and it’s very unfortunate.

Soon after, Bigg Boss asks Manu, Manveer, Lopa and Bani to assemble inside the activity area for an elaborate panel discussion on the topic- Celebrities vs Indiawale – who deserves to win Bigg Boss. Leading the panel are – Ex-contestant Puneet Issar and RJ Malishka as they support the celebrities while actor Ravi Dubey and senior journalist of Aaj Tak, Sweta Singh backs the Indiawale. Popular filmmaker Farah Khan becomes the moderator of the debate. As the discussion takes place, Farah asks all four finalists to put across their point of views. While Manu says that an Indiawala deserves to win since the commoners have shown extreme determination in every task as compared to the celebrities. On the other hand, Lopa says that the celebrities have achieved a lot of things in their lives so far and that’s an added advantage that they have over the Indiwale contestants. Manu contradicts her point and says that they need to talk about Bigg Boss and not about their previous achievements. Farah agrees with Manu and says that the celebrities have contributed the least in all the tasks.

Furthermore, Puneet Issar puts across a point that Indiwale became aggressive and brash during the tasks and asks them for a justification. Malishka also seconds Puneet’s point and puts allegations on Indiawale contestants for crossing their limits. In their defense, Manu and Manveer say that Bigg Boss was like a golden opportunity for them and they wanted to make most of it. They did make mistakes, fell down, got back on their feet but still fought every battle or challenge with utmost honesty. They did condemn Om Swami and Priyanka’s actions and their actions don’t prove that all Indiawale were destructive. On the other hand Ravi and Sweta question Lopa and Bani for having superiority complex and for not warming up to the Indiawale contestants. Lopa and Bani defend themselves and say that they never showcased that they were superior to anyone. In fact, the Indiawale contestants always stayed close knit and did not mingle around with the celebrities. Manu and Manveer say that Monalisa, who was a celebrity contestant, was undermined and highly criticised by her fellow celebrity contestants and it was them who resurrected her confidence and supported her in the game. The debate gets more intense as the panelists interrogate the contestants while they try their best to give befitting replies.

In the evening, as the finalists gear up for the last leg of the finale, they get a surprise makeover at the hands of beauty experts. As the winner of will be announced tomorrow, who will walk away with the coveted trophy of Bigg Boss- Indiwala or Celebrity?


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