Why’s Rishi Kapoor sporting white hair!

While being treated in the US for undisclosed illness, Rishi Kapoor reveals that he has dyed his hair white owing to a movie which he is doing

Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor is away in America, paying some serious attention to his ill health. He is accompanied by his wife Neetu Singh. The veteran actor was snapped sporting white hair, while he met up with Bollywood stars Priyanka Chopra, Anupam Kher and Sonali Bendre in the US. Rishi Kapoor’s fans soon started speculating about the actor’s sudden change to white mane. Clearing the confusion, Rishi Kapoor shared, “My hair was dyed by Avan Contractor for a film produced by Honey Trehan and Sony Pictures. It is directed by Hitesh Bhatia. The film is untitled,” through Twitter. Rishi Kapoor recently lost his mother Krishna Raj Kapoor almost immediately after he left for his medical treatment on September 29.


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