Why Cheat India versus Fraud Saiyaan at box office

Emraan Hashmi’s ‘Why Cheat India’ seems to be the winner by a short margin in the fight against ‘Fraud Saiyaan’

Why Cheat India, Fraud Saiyaan
Why Cheat India, Fraud Saiyaan

Emraan Hashmi’s educational drama, ‘Why Cheat India’, has created quite a buzz with its promotions, while Arshad Warsi is coming out with a fun outing, ‘Fraud Saiyaan’ today. ‘Why Cheat India’ is made on a budget of around Rs 20 crore and is expected to make an opening of approximately Rs 3-6 crore. Emraan Hashmi is presenting a topic which has never been shown before, catering to the audience’s demand for variety, while ‘Fraud Saiyaan’ promises to be a comic outing with Arshad and Saurab Shukla, taking on the concept of marriage. The latter is predicted to open at around Rs 1-2 crore.