When Baaghi stunt left Tiger Shroff in pain!

Tiger Shroff, Sudheer Babu in Baaghi
Tiger Shroff, Sudheer Babu in Baaghi

Tiger Shroff is known to be a very calm person and the Bollywood actor maintained his cool even when he was accidently hurt on the sets of ‘Baaghi’. The villain of the film, South star Sudheer Babu, shares an incident from the sets when both the celebrities were shooting for an action sequence, “Tiger Shroff always makes sure that he does not hit the opposite person during action scenes. But I accidently happened to hit him once. Tiger remained very calm and did not even complain about it. In fact I was the one who stopped that particular shot and apologised to him.”

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Sudheer Babu is Mahesh Babu’s brother-in-law and is making his debut in Bollywood with ‘Baaghi’. The South actor just cannot stop praising his Bollywood co-star, “Tiger is one bundle of energy. He used to workout every day, be it before or after the shoot. Even on ‘Baaghi’ sets, he was constantly trying some new dance steps. I think the only time Tiger rests is when he is sleeping.”