Vidya Balan wants women power to take over the world!

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is supporting Hillary Clinton in run up to the US Presidential Elections, after which she says women power will take over the world!

Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan has been a pioneer of female-centric cinema in the recent times, and the Bollywood actress has now come out in support of another powerful female. With the onset of the US Presidential Elections, Vidya Balan has expressed her support for Hillary Clinton from the Democratic party. “I am hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes the President of the United States. I follow her every day. I watch debates because of her. I really think there should be a woman President in America, which has one of the strongest economies. Then we shall take over the world,” says Vidya. The celebrity Hindi cinema actress was shooting for a TV show to promote her upcoming Bollywood flick, ‘Kahaani 2’. In the past too, Vidya Balan has openly supported Hillary Clinton as the US President, when she tweeted about her in September. “Hillary Clinton is the only reason I would forgo my sleep. Up to watch the US Presidential debate,” Vidya had said, marking it with a hashtag #ImWithHer. Later on, Vidya also retweeted many of Hillary’s tweets to show the women power to the world.


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