Salman Khan reveals Jackie Shroff’s role in Freaky Ali

Sohail Khan, Salman Khan at Freak Ali trailer launch
Sohail Khan, Salman Khan at Freak Ali trailer launch

Salman Khan looked under the weather as he attended the trailer launch of brother Sohail Khan’s next Bollywood release, ‘Freaky Ali’. Apparently, Salman Khan wanted to be a part of the movie. Revealing the story behind Jackie Shroff’s character in ‘Freaky Ali’, Salman complains, “There is one henchman’s role in ‘Freaky Ali’. Jackie Shroff is playing the don and the henchman is standing right behind. The shoot was for five days and I told Sohail to give me the role but he did not give it to me.” Revealing the reason for not casting Salman, Sohail quips, “I didn’t give it to him because Jaggu’s (Jackie Shroff’s) role was supposed to be a surprise!”

While Salman did let the big secret out, the actor is also dutifully supporting his brother’s latest directorial. Salman is presenting ‘Freaky Ali’ and has also let his shoot for Kabir Khan’s ‘Tubelight’ on hold to make an appearance at the trailer launch.


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