Rohan Mehra witnesses a shocking mid-week eviction from the Bigg Boss house

Rohan loses his captaincy
Rohan loses his captaincy
 Just four days before the grand finale, the chocolate boy of Bigg Boss house, Rohan Mehra, gets evicted as a result of the mid-week eviction. He entered the house as a part of the celebrity brigade with a determination to go a long way in the game. Be it a task or any other challenge, Rohan approached it with full confidence and power. Because of his happy-go-lucky nature, he shared a cordial relationship with most of the contestants and, also earned the title ’Prince of India’ from his fellow contestant Om Swami.

 For Rohan, Bigg Boss was more of a quest of self- discovery than a mere journey. Due to his immature and impulsive nature, he was often misunderstood by his fellow housemates. In the initial days, Karan Mehra, Gaurav Chopraa, and Rahul Dev proved to be his guiding lights who protected and supported him under all circumstances. But post-Karan, Gaurav and Rahul’s exit, he connected the most with his co-contestant Lopa and she soon took him under her wings and became an integral part of his journey. So much influence Lopa had over Rohan that he came to be called as her pawn or puppy who she used for her selfish desires. Lopa’s dominating nature forced Rohan to conform to all her viewpoints and decisions and it started to seem like he barely had a voice or an opinion of his own. Lopa and Rohan’s on and off fights and disputes made people question their friendship and some even termed it as the friendship of convenience. Not only with Lopa, but Rohan got into fights with few other contestants of the house. In the very first week, Rohan got into an ugly fight with Priyanka Jagga and the entire house stood in his support. His infamous fight with Om Swami during the captaincy task was highly condemned by everyone and also got him nominated for the entire season. At several instances, Rohan’s emotional and impetuous nature came to the fore that drew him a lot of criticism. But after successfully battling all the gruelling tasks and politics, Rohan made it to top 5 and became nation’s favourite.

 Speaking about his experience of the show, Rohan Mehra said, “The past three months inside the Bigg Boss house have been of few ups and downs, few bittersweet moments and was a life changing experience for me. I am really glad that I made the right decision to be part of Bigg Boss and could show the entire world the real me. The show, in many ways, has helped me grow up into a mature person.  From being a pampered son, I have now transformed into an independent person and understand the value of relationships. Eviction from the show after coming so close to the finale was a little disheartening, but I am happy that I was amongst the top 5 contestants on the show and played a fair game. Lastly, I would like to wish all the luck to Lopamudra and hope that she comes out as the ultimate winner of Bigg Boss Season 10.”


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