#MeToo: Subhash Ghai cleared of sexual allegations

After Kate Sharma decided to withdraw her complaint of sexual harassment against Subhash Ghai lodged during the #MeToo movement, Mumbai police have closed the case

Subhash Ghai
Subhash Ghai
Subhash Ghai recently found his name embroiled in the #MeToo controversy. The Bollywood filmmaker was accused of misconduct and sexual harassment by Kate Sharma. The Showman had denied these allegations as the Mumbai police took charge of the investigation after a written complaint at Andheri Police Station not long ago. Reports state the Kate decided to withdraw her complaint against Subhash Ghai last month, stating that she does not want to pursue the matter further due to personal reasons. With no substantial evidence to support her allegations, the Mumbai police have finally decided to close the matter and Subhash Ghai has been cleared from the controversy.


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