‘Marriage doesn’t make you a different person’

Newly married, Rani Mukerji-Chopra talks about marital bliss and her upcoming film, ‘Mardaani’

Rani Mukerji
Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji had a hush-hush wedding with Yash Raj Films’ scion Aditya Chopra this year, away from the prying eyes of the media. However, the actress is back in media glare, promoting her next film ‘Mardaani’, produced by her husband.

Please describe the feeling of being a wife.
When you become a wife, there is a lot of power in the house. I have the power in the kitchen but otherwise I cannot say anything. Whereas in the production house, there are many capable and able people to take care of everything, and most importantly, Adi being at the top of everything. I don’t think he requires anybody else. I would rather like to take over the house.

Does your name change after marriage?
My name hasn’t changed. I love my name. I think I will stick to that for my films, as people know me as that. In my personal life, obviously when I admit my children to school, there will be a change then. But for my fans it will always be Rani Mukerji.

Why does Aditya Chopra stay away from the media?
I think as a person he has made a very conscious decision to be concentrating more on his work, rather than being seen a lot. I don’t think after marriage that decision would change, because I don’t think that marriage makes you a different person. It is just an extension of one self. Though he is married to an actor, I don’t think he is entitled to become a media savvy person.

Tell us about ‘Mardaani’.
‘Mardaani’ is extremely close to us and I play a very interesting role of an inspector in crime branch. Through this film, we want to tell the country about the lady officers and their contribution in our lives. Several people look upon female officers as if they might not be so strong like male officers. But sometimes they have been better. We have to change the perception of how we look at female cops.

Can this be called your second coming?
I hope that this is second coming for me. I will work till I literally take my boots off. You can’t take an artiste out of me ever, even though I will have to play different roles now, that of a wife and in the future, of a mother. But the foremost role as an actor that I am known for. I will continue playing forever, never going to change.

‘Singham 2’ is also releasing around the same time. Is there any competition there?
In a year there are a lot of films which release and a lot of films are compared, in terms of box office returns and critical acclaim. Foremost comparison will be that Ajay Devgn playing a male cop and I play a female cop. Also, I am playing an officer from crime branch, so there will be no uniform. Our film will have a different storyline and hence, hopefully no comparisons.

Did you take any inspiration for this character?
I have been inspired by my mother. She is quite a tigress, and I learnt to be completely in hold of actions. Women are known for being very strong, and I have earned the reputation of being a ‘mardaani’ in company of my friends. Also my inspirations are all the strong ladies in my family and numerous lady police officers, who worked so hard and slogged, in spite of having families and children.

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