Kangna Ranaut treads the safe path on intolerance debate

Also speaks on celebs’ freedom of speech in what it seems like going against Karan Johar

Kangna Ranaut
Kangna Ranaut

Kangna Ranaut is known to speak her mind out, not just on the silver screen but in real life too. At a point when freedom of expression is a hugely discussed topic, the actress shares her point of view on the intolerance debate. “Freedom of expression cannot be such that it can be hurtful of others’ sentiments. It has to be considered that we are a country of so many languages and religions. One must understand the power of words, it can be perceived in many ways. Please value those many ways and come up with the most accurate way to express yourself. Be very responsible and not hurt anyone’s sentiments,” says the actress.

Recently, filmmaker Karan Johar stated that freedom of expression is the biggest joke, and he has been through a lot of criticism while hosting the ‘AIB Roast’. Kangna Ranaut, who has also been through the journey of criticism, says that one should be ready to take on all kinds of odds, “Just because you are a public figure, it does not mean that you have a chance to say anything. One should evaluate before speaking. I get so much backlash for everything I say, but that is okay. I don’t say things because I was to be everyone’s darling, or be miss goody two-shoes, but to express who I am. For my opinions, I am a darling for some and a badass for others. If I express myself, I should be able to accept the appreciation and backlash both