Kangana Ranaut acts professional despite Hrithik controversy

Kangana Ranaut continues to shoot and is totally into her character in spite of a failed relationship and controversy with Hrithik Roshan

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut doesn’t let her personal life affect her commitment towards work. Her relationship with Hrithik Roshan spiralled into a huge controversy and garnered a whole lot of attention. Despite this, she remained professional and didn’t allow the scandal to affect her commitment towards work. Vouching for Kangana, director Vishal Bhardwaj shared the actresses’ attitude towards work, “Kangana is a very professional girl. When their (Kangana and Hrithik’s) personal conflict was going on, had it been other stars, they would have stalled the shooting for the film stating that they need to fix their mental state first. But Kangana was strong, even when the media was writing numerous controversial headlines about the matter. Once in front of the camera, she was totally into the character she was playing.” Kangana was shooting for Vishal’s film ‘Rangoon’ when the controversy broke out in the media.

While ‘Rangoon’ failed miserably at the Box Office in February this year, Kangana continues to face the controversy with regards to Hrithik Roshan till date, even as she promotes her upcoming release ‘Simran’.


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