Anu Malik, Javed Akhtar get nostalgic on Indian Idol

Javed Akhtar on Indian Idol
Javed Akhtar on Indian Idol

‘Indian Idol’ judge Anu Malik made a fascinating revelation about how the famous song ‘Taare Hain Baraati’ from the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Viraasat’ was composed after the filming of the song was done! Fans of Malik and Indian Idol will get to witness the musician relate an anecdote on the upcoming episode of ‘Indian Idol 10’ where he reveals how the song ‘Taare Hain Baraati’ from the Anil Kapoor-Tabu starrer Viraasat was composed in reverse. Turns out, the song hadn’t even been conceived when the filming of the song had already done. The shoot was already underway so the director decided to go ahead and put together the visuals which would eventually become the song. Javed Akhtar gave a big hand to Anu Malik saying that the musician brilliantly composed the tune to which he added his words and the song was made. Not only that, the musical process itself was also backwards as the song was composed by Anu Malik first before Javed Akhtar worked his magic to fill the tune with poignant lyrics. Javed Akhtar said, “The director showed us the sequence which was already filmed and asked us to compose a song on it. So, the song was filmed first, the tune was composed after that to which lyrics were added and that’s how the song was made. I would like to give a big hand to Anu Malik for brilliantly composing the tune of the song, to which later I had added my words.”


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