Ajay Devgn to play modern day Chanakya!

Neeraj Pandey to direct the film based on the life and times of the greatest political strategist, economist and royal advisor, Chanakya

Ajay Devgn at a promotional event for Parched
Ajay Devgn at a promotional event for Parched
Ajay Devgn has signed up to play the title role in the epic drama, ‘Chanakya’. The film will be directed by the incredibly talented writer, producer, director Neeraj Pandey. Anil Ambani led Reliance Entertainment and Friday Filmworks’ company and Plan C Studios will produce ‘Chanakya’, which will be based on the incredible life and teachings of Chanakya, the greatest political thinker, philosopher, economist and royal advisor from ancient Indian history.

Commenting on the film, Neeraj Pandey said, “I have been developing this film on Chanakya for quite some time now. It’s an exciting work of passion for me, and I am sure the audiences will love Ajay in his portrayal of the visionary genius.” Ajay Devgn, excited for his first film with Neeraj Pandey, commented, “I am truly looking forward to playing Chanakya. I’ve followed Neeraj Pandey’s work closely and I know Neeraj will tell this story with the clarity and passion with which it needs to be told.”

Born in the fourth century BC, Chanakya was not only a great warrior, but also a great teacher, economist and a political advisor. He played a key role in the establishment of the dynasty of Chandragupta Maurya. Commenting on the collaboration, Shital Bhatia from Plan C said, “Chanakya, as a character has always fascinated us, and his practice of political statecraft changed the course of India’s ancient history. We are delighted to bring this epic story to our audiences.”

Shibasish Sarkar of Reliance Entertainment said, “Epic characters such as Chanakya have an everlasting sense of mystery and legend around them. We have no doubt that the movie, ‘Chanakya’, will be received enthusiastically by modern audiences, providing serious insights into the art of running a state, based on the practical learning and teachings of the greatest master himself – Chanakya. The collaboration between Neeraj Pandey and Ajay Devgn is itself something that fans have been waiting for a long time to see on the big screen.”


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