About Us is conceived keeping in mind the ever-growing demand of news in the entertainment industry, especially Bollywood. Celebs And Cinema, aka Celebs & Cinema, is about Indian entertainment industry at large, be it films, TV, celebrities or their fashion.

Any news industry thrives on speed and accuracy. And that’s what we aim for, to serve the best, for the best. With digitisation at its peak, social media and internet have not just taken over but are also some of the main sources of news. Now is the concept of timely and breaking news, even in the entertainment sector. All this inspired us to launch

At C&C, we believe there’s enough space for everyone in the showbiz. Our future endeavours are to develop and strengthen various aspects under one roof. As we grow along the line, we shall gradually introduce our team as well behind this concept.

So welcome to the world of entertainment. Welcome to Celebs & Cinema.

For trivia lovers:
Call it Bollywood or by any other name, the Hindi film industry is the world’s biggest movie industry in terms of generating employment and producing films. With over 1000 films a year, this fine art of cinema is only growing bigger by the day. And we truly treasure that spirit.